Our Kickstarter for printing #6-9 of Fury's Forge is live!

This is our last Fury's Forge kickstarter.

To support us or learn more, please visit our Kickstarter.

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Unfamiliar with Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a site where creative projects are funded. When you give money to someone's Kickstarter, you will get something in return. Depending on how much money you pledge, you can get different rewards such as: 










The best thing about Kickstarter is that there is no risk to you. You are not charged unless the creators reach their goal.

- what the project is raising money for (a book, a shoe, a pen, etc.)

- bonus items like posters and pins

- special opportunities only available to the kickstarter supporters (a custom item; getting featured in the book, movie, etc.)

- and much, much more!

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