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About Us

There is a huge lack of diversity in the media and in the world of comics. At Underdog Comics, we do our best to include as many unique and interesting characters as we can. We feature women, ethnic minorities, the LGBT+ community, people from different religions, people with physical and mental disabilities, and people from many different and authentic backgrounds.

Taren B.

I created Underdog Comics three years ago when I was in 11th grade. I'm the artist for Fury's Forge and Book One of The Witch of New Liefland, and the creator of Project E. You can find me at taren@underdogcomics.com, at every convention that Underdog Comics is going to, and in my cave-like studio while I work and binge watch Star Trek.

Founder - Director - Creator - Artist - Writer

Zack R-W.

I am write stuff! I co-created and wrote Fury's Forge and I created and wrote The Witch of New Liefland. I may not be around often because I attend school out of state, but I can assure you that I am a very real human person and definitely not eleven iguanas in a trench coat.

Founder - Creator - Writer

Jalen L.

I kinda just started showing up and helping at cons and stuff (I'm not just some stranger though, I've known Zack and Taren since the 8th grade). I've adopted the website as one of my babies because I have almost no visually artistic talents. If you need to get in touch with me, just say the word "puppy" in the mirror three times and I'll appear. 

Website Manager - Consultant - Editor

Olivia S.

I have the skill to help out in all areas of Underdog comics. I write for Project E (and a future project...), edit character designs, edit stories, take photographs for the website, help at conventions, and I make the delicious cookies for the conventions (and for us to eat).

Consultant - Editor - Photographer - Creator - Writer

Renee G.

I joined Underdog Comics when I first met Taren through high school in 9th grade. When Taren needs help at conventions, I will help him! I seriously love glitter to the point of eating it and dressing myself up in it.

"If there's a will, there's a Renee."

Creator - Artist - Writer

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Who we are

High school and college students looking to make a lasting impact on the comic book world. 


deserves stories and characters they can

relate to and enjoy,

and that's what

Underdog Comics

stands for."

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Boston, MA


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